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Upholstery Cleaning FinchleyIf you are looking for a proper high-quality sofa, mattresses, car or bus seats, curtains, furniture and any other type of upholstery cleaning, we are one of the best in this sphere. To have permanently clean upholstery furniture with visible results you need the help of a professional upholstery cleaning company like ours. We work and provide the finest cleaning solutions in Finchley N2 & N3, London. The only effective upholstery cleaning is not done with conventional resources but only with the help of steam vacuum cleaning.

Cleaning Service Price
Regular Domestic Cleaning £19
One Off Domestic Cleaning £20
After Builders Cleaning from £20
Carpet Cleaning - Bedroom from £23
Sofa Cleaning - Armchair from £18
End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Studio from £89
Gardening Services (Two Gardeners) from £45
Jet Washing £2.5 sq.m.
Patio Cleaning £2.5 sq.m.

To have your sofa, armchair or car seats properly cleaned from dust, pollen or insect eggs you need the help of our powerful steam cleaners. The technical knowledge, skill and experience our cleaning technician have, will help them do the upholstery cleaning professionally.

Cleaners Finchley Helps You Bring Your Upholstery Back to Life in

Your upholstery is more than simply beautiful furniture – it is a place of memories and events, as well as an important component of the overall design of your home. Cleaners Finchley does more than just clean. We breathe new life into your upholstery. This is how we do that:

  • Special Care: We inspect the property and suit all cleaning solutions and methods to the fabric and materials of the upholstery.
  • In-depth Cleaning: We will clean more than the surface – we will reach deep into the fabric and remove grime, dust and bacteria for good.
  • Preserving Quality: We will ensure that your upholstery stays good looking. What is more, the professional cleaning we perform will prolong the life of the furniture.

You can’t do these tasks alone and the results of your work won’t last for long. CleanersFinchley has the cleaning solvents and detergents that best remove spilled drinks, food leftover, dirt and dust from your upholstery. The vacuum cleaners our staff is supplied with, use steam to remove any stains and dirt from the root of the fabric of your furniture.

Happy Clients Using our Upholstery Cleaning Service in Finchley

“I love the way my couch smells after you have clean it, it is all flowers and breeze and not the awful cigarette smells.”
– Kathy, N3

Sofa Cleaners Finchley

Don’t leave your upholstery befouled and dirty too long because the longer you wait the harder it will be to restore its condition. We will perform the most effective and gentle for the fabric of your upholstery cleaning. The steam cleaning, we apply saves the material of your upholstery and is one of the best cleaning methods.

Our upholstery cleaning employees attend regular education and trainings to be proficient in their work. We use highly effective machines for deep extraction of any dirt and bacteria from your mattresses, sofas and armchairs.

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To have long term results you should do your professional upholstery cleaning regularly – at least once a year. The more often you do upholstery cleaning the sooner you will obtain visible results. Our services in Finchley will save you lots of time and money and will recover your armchairs, sofas and mattresses. With our help you won’t need to buy new furniture so often. A well maintained and conditioned upholstery ensures a healthy and pleasant atmosphere in your home.
Book us now and you won’t regret.

Revitalize Your Furnishings with Premier Upholstery Cleaning in Finchley N2, N3

Elevate the looks of your interior spaces with the services delivered by Cleaners Finchley – your dependable partner in preserving the vibrancy, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of your furniture in Finchley N2, N3. We will exceed all your expectations with our exceptional upholstery cleaning services. Join us and have an amazing experience working with some of the best local cleaners in the industry.

Why Choosing Cleaners Finchley is the Best Decision you can make?

  1. Unrivaled Expertise: Some of the best, most experienced local cleaners will be cleaning your upholstery, delivering some of the best results.
  2. Cutting-Edge Techniques: To ensure that we deliver the best results every time, we utilise some of the best cleaning tools and products available on the market.
  3. Tailored Services for You: We will take all your needs and personal requirements into consideration, delivering a custom cleaning service.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

By working with us, you ensure that your upholstery is not only cleaned in depth but also cared for. To ensure that the cleaning service we deliver is of high quality and successful, we will inspect the fabric and materials of your upholstery and select the most suitable cleaning methods and solutions. That way, we will efficiently remove grime without causing damage to the surface of your furniture.


What types of upholstery materials do you clean?

Cotton, wool, acrylic and polyester are some of the fabrics we clean. We are also able to work with more delicate materials, such as leather, silk and velvet.

Are the cleaning methods suitable for children and pets?

Yes, the products we use are non-toxic and environmentally safe. You and your loved ones will not be harmed.

How long until my upholstery is completely dry?

Depending on the fabric of the upholstery, most pieces will take anywhere between 2 and 6 hours.

Can you get rid of all stains?

While we use specialised stain removal products, the complete elimination of the stains depends on their origin and their age.

How often should I have my upholstery cleaned?

Usually, once a year is sufficient. More frequent cleaning may be needed if you have pets or children in the house.

Booking Made Easy with Cleaners Finchley

Begin the process to an immaculately clean and restored upholstered furniture with our simple and transparent booking process. Choose the service that best meets your needs, schedule a convenient appointment, and let us handle the rest.

We’re not only delivering a cleaning service, we are making a commitment to helping you improve your quality of life in Finchley N2 & N3. By preserving the delicate fibres of your furniture and protecting the vibrant colours of your items, our upholstery cleaning experts take an extensive approach to maintaining the charm of your entire property.

Give us a call and make sure that your upholstered pieced are well-taken care of. We will make sure they are spotless and disinfected, improving the healthy conditions of your entire home.

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